a2ru symposium - 11/04/22 - Day 2 - Afternoon Session

The stream is also available on YouTube.

1:45pm - 3:00pm
Reco(r)ding CripTech: a Ground Works project documenting collaborative creative process

Moderator: Stephanie S. Rosen, University of Michigan Library
Panelists: CripTech Incubator Artist JS Shokrian
Reco(r)ding CripTech Cross-disability Facilitator Elizabeth McLain
Reco(r)ding CripTech Technical lead Daragh Byrne

Livestream Chat Moderator: Veronica Stanich

Reco(r)ding CripTech, a new project on a2ru Ground Works, documents the creative, interdisciplinary processes of six artists from the disability community in their art-and-technology residencies with the CripTech Incubator.

Reco(r)ding CripTech supports the artists' evolving practices, captures the experience to inform future access-centered artmaking and archiving, and centers diverse ways of knowing and instantiating knowledge. Our working process emphasizes voice, agency, and aesthetic access. The resulting archive will be fully accessible on the Ground Works online platform.

We are keen to engage a2ru conference attendees in this wide-ranging discussion, fielding the questions that matter to the variuos populations involved in the project. To participate in this session remotely, view the session via YouTube and log in with your YouTube account. Once you have logged in, you can use the "Chat" function to discuss topics with other remote attendees and to submit any questions you have for the panelists.

3:30pm - 4:45pm
Keynote: "We Demand the Right to Opacity: Art & Artifacts at the National Public Housing Museum"
Lisa Yun Lee, Executive Director, National Public Housing Museum