Tanner Symposium - 11/02/22

The stream is also available on YouTube.

On November 2 at 4:00 pm at Rackham Amphitheater, Eric Horvitz, the Chief Scientific Officer at Microsoft, will present a keynote on "Arc of Intelligence: Humanity and its Tools of Reason and Imagination."

AI advancements have been motivated and inspired by human intelligence for decades. How can we use AI to expand our knowledge and understanding of the world and ourselves? How can we leverage AI to enrich our lives? Horvitz will explore these questions and more, tracing the arc of intelligence from its origins and evolution in humans, to its manifestations and prospects in the tools we create and use. He will make the case that this is a pivotal moment to engage in a cross-sector dialogue about the development, use, and governance of AI technologies to ensure that they reflect and respect our values and aspirations as individuals and society.

Partnership for U-M's 2022 Tanner Lecture comes from Michigan Engineering. Their people-first engineering framework is building on U-M's ecosystem of expertise. Working to reimagine what engineering can be, close critical gaps and elevate all people.

Tune in for tomorrow's follow up panel discussion (11/03/2022) at 10:00 am - 12:30 pm